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Our Team

As a digital marketing agency, we have a team full of experts who have numerous years of experience in the industry and are always available to answer your queries. At our company, customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, so we only focus on bringing your vision into reality.

However, it is difficult to create and manage a web application development project single handedly. At digital solution webs we have a dedicated team and each of the them manages different tasks so that the project can be completed quickly:

Project Manager

 A project manager functions as a leader who assumes responsibility for making the most important decisions. He controls all of the processes of the entire project. In our company, our project manager communicates with a customer, schedules the entire project and provides time estimates, plans out the necessary human resource efforts and task allocation, and coordinates the joint work of other team members. Our project manager has been in this industry for a long time. He not only has great leadership qualities but has also accrued great communicating skills.

Project Architect

The variety of applications possess different architectures. Due to its diversity, each web project needs to be addressed individually from the very first development stages on. A person who defines what kind of web app it’s going to be is a project architect. In our company we have an expert project architect who imagines in a discussion with the client, gathers the required information, and decides on the architecture suitable for the customer’s business needs.

UI/UX Designers

A UI developer needs to understand the requirements of users. He or she needs to go through a thorough user experience to understand the expectations of a future web target audience. Our expert UI designers are perfectly suitable for this job. They have the ability to understand the user’s mindset, are open-minded, and have great graphic design skills.

Website Developers

At digital solution webs, we have two web app developers- a front-end developer and a back-end developer. Since there are two components it’s essential to have two developers. Our frontend developer is skillful in HTML, CSS, Javascript and front-end libraries and frameworks (bootstrap, foundation, semantic UI etc). Our back end developer is proficient in PHP, Python, Java .net, as well as in the tools and web app frameworks based on them. Our back end developers also perform the duties of database development. Since they design the database, backend developers usually know their way around them.

Content Writers

Content writing is an important part of digital marketing. It is the foundation of search engine optimization and search media optimization. A content writer’s job is not only to define the purpose of the website but also to fit the content together on the website in such a way that the reader understands the website immediately. At Digital Solution Webs, our expert content writers have created and managed SEO content, blog content, and web content for various business websites and their social media pages. Our expert content writers keep an eye on the competitive landscape and create eye-catching content according to the strategic shifts or new tactics the competitors are trying.